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11 january
We are pleased to say we have found a lovely home for Max which we hope will be his ' forever ' home

8th January
Max was returned to us just before Christmas . His owner lived with her elderly mother who has now gone into a care home and the owner will lose the rented home as it was in her mothers name and as she is single will be wanted for a family

He has a loving nature and good temperament . He would benefit from further training however

He has shown no aggression

We are looking for a home with no other dogs as he has not been raised with another dog in the family . Also he needs a family with no children or at least older children as , again, he has not been raised with young children

He is KC registered , vaccinated to date and microchipped .

He is an entire male but cannot be bred from as he has endorsements placed on him .

We will be very selective as to where he is homed

If you think you can offer him a permanent loving home please call us for a chat on 01406 540519

We will ask a nominal figure for him to cover our costs and to show goodwill


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